If you are looking for a personal Coach and a great weight loss course, take a look at our options below, to begin your journey to better health.

When you book a free consult with one of our Coaches, talk to them about which of our courses is right for you!

from US$ 1595

8-week Coaching Course

Fast-Track Your Success

Guarantee your weight loss success with one-on-one coaching sessions and daily email support from a Metabolic Mindset Coach.

Package includes:

  • 1x Coaching Consult – up to 90 minutes
  • 6x Coaching Consults – up to 60 minutes each week
  • Session notes from your coach
  • Daily food and mood diary analysis for the first 3 weeks
  • 2-3x weekly food and mood diary analysis for the last 5 weeks
  • Email support
  • Access to additional resources and protocols
  • Personalized nutritional and mindset advice

Coaching support to help you know what your patterns are, and a formula for breaking them.

8-Week Coaching Course

Junior Coach – US$ 1595
Senior Coach – US$ 1895

What does it involve?

This is our full support, deluxe VIP package!! During these 8 weeks you will have a trained Metabolic Mindset Coach to carefully guide you through the program and personalize it to you. This involves 7x one-on-one consultations plus daily analysis of your food and mood diary to monitor your progress and make necessary tweaks to ensure your optimal weight loss.

Having a personal coach dramatically increases your chances of success as they alleviate the stress of having to navigate the program on your own, they will keep you accountable, they will be your daily cheerleader, they will answer every question you have and they will provide additional resources and advise to help you achieve your goals. Our coaches are trained in both nutrition and psychology so will not only understand and explore your nutritional requirements but will look deeper into any mindset blocks that may be preventing you from weight loss.

US$ 480

Ultimate Cheerleader!

Enlist a personal Metabolic Mindset Coach as your ultimate cheerleader and accountability partner to support you on your weight loss journey!

Package includes:

  • Your go-to person to help you stay accountable to your goals
  • 1x Coaching Consult – up to 60 minutes
  • 5x Coaching Consults – up to 30 minutes each week
  • Personalized nutritional and mindset advice

Ultimate Cheerleader

What does it involve?

This course is for TKS members who have already done, (or doing) the TKS course; OR for a client who has already completed the 8 Week Private Coaching Course.  

We all know the difference it makes having someone to be accountable to! This package provides you just that, plus more, to ensure you stay on track, navigate any road bumps and ultimately reach your weight loss goal with a cheerleader to answer your questions and be there to make sense of the journey. You will have a personal cheerleader who will not only keep your motivation soaring but will be able to provide you with professional nutritional and mindset advice to maximize your success.
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