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Hi, I’m Ali Nielsen, a health and weight loss coach, trained to support women in regaining their health and losing weight and keeping it off once and for all. I passionately believe that the majority of today’s ailments stem from our diet.

After years of yo-yo dieting, I came across The Ketogenic Switch (TKS), a modified, whole foods, ketogenic diet. At first I thought it was just another diet, but the more I investigated, the more I realised that this was different, and for the first time in my life I managed to lose weight and keep it off. My shape changed in a way it never had before and I lost the inches from all my problem areas. I also found that I wasn’t particularly hungry and didn’t constantly think about food.

When the opportunity arose to train as a Metabolic Mindset Coach I jumped at the chance. Now, with the backup of a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, I too have the knowledge to support you step by step through your journey, dealing not only with eating habits, but the mindset that maybe holding you back from achieving your goals.
Are you at a stage in your life where you just want to be happy with yourself and your appearance, yearning to feel in control of your body but doubting it will ever happen? Are you sick of falling for every wonder diet that comes on the market and hating yourself for it? Are you tired of feeling controlled by food and constantly either dieting or sabotaging yourself? Do you have aches and pains and a bit of a tummy that you just thought came with reaching a certain age? Trust me, I’ve been through it all myself, many times, so I understand how you feel. Drop me a line and let’s see how I can help you learn “The Secret” to overcoming your body issues and taking ownership of your health for the rest of your life.

Location: Australia

* This FREE Discovery Call is not to become a coach, but to determine if you’d like to start your weight loss journey with you coach and hear about the next steps.

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