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Aloha brings years of experience in a rich and varied background that inform her decisions and abiity to guide her clients. These include her years in the teaching profession, real estate investing and also 30 years as an entrepreneur, building a dynamic and successful business from the ground up both for herself and her teams. With her fine arts training and abilities, she is also able to apply creative thinking, intuitiveness, determination and humour to challenges for herself and others. Aloha also has experience the Ketogenic Switch Program because she has walked the weight loss journey herself.

Prior to finding Deborah Murtagh and The Ketogenic Switch, she was desperate. Every weight loss program had stopped working for her (and the list she had tried was long) and she believed herself doomed for the rest of her life to a body trapped by the many health issues that resulted from being severely overweight weight. In addition, many things in her personal life were also unravelling, contributing to stress and related health issues. Thankfully, that was not the end of the story.

When she began the “30 Day One Dress Size Challenge” in Februrary 2019, it was with an “all in” approach, Having tried (and been successful) at many, many “diets” only to gain it back and more, she was thrilled that within two weeks, the change was dramatic; remarkably reduced inflammation, the ongoing pain of two torn meniscus and labrum was nearly gone and improved sleep. And at four months, her blood work was all normal (liver, kidney and blood sugar) and the need for Type 2 Diabetes meds gone! And oh yes, she was losing inches and releasing weight…to date…85 lbs! But that is only a part of the story. The Ketogenic Switch works because it addresses the whole person…not just a number on a scale. How we get to where we are on the scale is multifaceted. In order to address that we need to understand “ME”. That takes ongoing Mindset work…life work…looking inside…Healing. In Aloha’s case, some of it has been uncovering and unlearning a lifetime of learning…rebuilding. She has “lost weight” before but never really seen herself. This time—she can actually see and feel who she is becoming. She is different. She is fully “ME.” Gratitude overflows.

Aloha loves to relax by reading, creative projects of many kinds and taking walks in the forest by her house. She also adores her four children (and one grandbaby), now grown and cherishes hanging out with them whenever possible for game nights,, coffee, holidays and talking “stuff”. She has been married to Reid for 31 years.

Location: Canada


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