About your coach

Hello! My name is Judi Harris.

I live in a beautiful, small town in Victoria, Australia. Time spent outside in nature, and in my own garden, fills my soul. I am married, with two teenaged children and a few pets to keep me on my toes.

Since I was a young child, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. This is the profession I have been in for over 25 years. I have had many incredible experiences, being blessed to share in beginnings, and endings. In my personal life I have experienced the same extremes and so much in between.

At times, my coping strategies led me to using food as a source of comfort. This helped me deal with stressors at the time, but I ended up obese. My body let me know it was unhappy. Migraines; reflux; inflammation causing foot, knee and hip pain; adult acne, and poor sleep were pretty clear indicators. I knew I needed to make a change.
I had heard of keto plans before and investigated this style of eating.

When the ad for Deb’s TKS program appeared on my computer, I thought it had the best nutritional advice to follow. I have tried many diets over the years and did not manage to maintain any weight loss. Investigating further led me to give this program a go and I initially joined the 30 day challenge. I followed this up with the full TKS program. I absolutely love how being in nutritional ketosis makes me feel. My mind is so much clearer. I have lost 20kgs so far. My skin has cleared up. My pains went away. Reflux is gone. I learned that mindset is the key to maintaining my new weight. Life still happens… stressful events occur… I no longer use food for comfort.

I now have decided to turn my attention towards helping people earlier on in their health journey, before they require hospital care. It is my purpose to empower people to turn their health around. I am a Metabolic Mindset Therapy coach. Using Deborah Murtagh’s TKS program, we will work together using foods that nourish your body, and mindset tools to nourish your soul, to achieve your goals.

Sometimes in life you need a bit of support. Someone to walk along side you, for a time, while you gain knowledge and strength to return to the powerful woman you were created to be.

I can be that person for you.

Location: Australia

* This FREE Discovery Call is not to become a coach, but to determine if you’d like to start your weight loss journey with you coach and hear about the next steps.

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