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What you put on your fork. is way more powerful than what you will find in a prescription bottle.

Welcome… My name is Marie, I live in Hertfordshire in the UK. I am married with 2 grown up sons and an array of animals, that’s my other passion.

I truly believe that what I put on my fork is way more powerful that what I found in a prescription bottle! Following years of systemic inflammation, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome and Diabetes I thought I would never be rid of the debilitating symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. I reached a point when stress and anxiety took over and I realised I had to take things into my own hands. Making nutrition and lifestyle changes can be challenging to begin and some days it wasn’t easy, but I dug deep, persevered and it was so worth it. When TKS rescued me with this amazing wholefood lifestyle, my body began to heal. I am happy to say I have found freedom from medication, and I have been so positively impacted by healing from pain and anxiety, something that medication could never do. I am grateful for my experience and have merged it with my training to become a certified Metabolic Mindset Therapy Coach. I would like to empower you to journey this lifestyle and improve your health and wellbeing.

You will learn to trust yourself and the signals your body is giving you. When we are unwell our body send us messages in the form of symptoms. Our bodies naturally want to heal and will respond very quickly to detoxing and anti-inflammatory foods.

The soul knows what it needs, the challenge is to silence the mind…

Learning to get out of your head and into your body is the key to lasting change. Your body won’t let you down, believe me, mine didn’t, and yours won’t when you provide it with the right environment to heal and thrive. Even a small shift in your mindset can move you forward and as your health coach I will help you to unlock your barriers, rebalance your mind and set free the joy inside of you. It’s time for you to return to the driver’s seat as we can sometimes get too comfortable as a passenger, until you look over and wonder how you got there and when you stopped choosing your own path to wellness. I can help you take the wheel and together we will discover what transformation awaits you.

I will guarantee you unconditional support, positive regard, confidentiality, empathy and a belief in your capacity for change, whilst honouring your values and your goals.
I’ve shared in such amazing health transformations, in body and mind, including my own. My absolute enthusiasm for this programme is sure to awaken you to jump in with both feet so I invite you to make the jump, you won’t regret it.

Much love Marie

Location: United Kingdom

* This FREE Discovery Call is not to become a coach, but to determine if you’d like to start your weight loss journey with you coach and hear about the next steps.

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