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Hello – I’m Melanie Samuel, a Metabolic Mindset Therapy Coach, living in beautiful, leafy Surrey in the UK with my husband and 2 sons.
Having experienced first-hand, the bewildering and soul-destroying patterns of self-sabotage, binge eating and other negative habits, I can truly empathise with anyone who may be stuck in a similar cycle. I have since overcome these challenges, trained as an MMT coach, and made it my soul mission to help those whose own sabotaging behaviours are preventing them from thriving and living a life of health and vitality!

Before discovering The Ketogenic Switch, I had investigated and trialled many a diet plan – from the practical to the absurd to the truly unappetising! All had varying results but alas none had lasting success. By the time I hit peri-pause my binge eating had become habitual! I would be so good all day but the minute I got home from work the snacking began. At the time I had no idea why I was doing this, nor how to get out of the loop and back to eating sensibly.

As I went further into peri/menopause the aches and pains started to creep in. I really noticed the stiffness in my hips if I sat at my desk for too long. At night, the pain in my back if I rolled over was excruciating – I had to do a sort of 3 point turn just to face the other way. I had plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, suspected arthritis in my fingers, psoriasis on my neck and scalp and was experiencing acne breakouts like a teenager! Isn’t it interesting how we just accept these increasing ailments as ‘that time of life’ and put up with the aches and the inconvenience? As the pain and my size increased …my mood decreased. Weight and inflammation were stealing the joy from my life!

Through TKS I learnt that the nutritional advice I had grown up with was instrumental for both the pain in my body and the patterns of my food addiction. This awareness is as fascinating as it is infuriating. Learning how to adjust my diet was eye-opening, but it was really examining and processing past beliefs, behaviours and emotions that led me to identifying the root cause of my emotional eating. Through various mindset practices I have brought about permanent change to the way I eat and my relationship with food. I have lost 16kgs, kept it off for over a year, and am genuinely astonished at how good I feel both physically and mentally. I’ve stopped hiding my body and started celebrating it! This transformation is so liberating, and I can assure you it can happen for your too!

If you are struggling, I would love to help you reprogram the story you are running and change your ending to “Happily ever After” too.

Location: United Kingdom

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