About your coach

Hi, I’m Patsy Hobson an avid believer in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  My passion is to guide women back to health through a process of self-discovery.

I have always been guided by the theory that we should treat the cause and not the symptom, this is a big reason as to why I chose to train as a Metabolic Mindset Therapist.  Through my life experiences, including negative body image and serious health issues, coupled with extensive training I have learnt the tools to take you on a journey back to health and vitality, back to a life that you love!

This program is about so much more than healthy eating.  Whatever your challenges are I am here to guide you, to support you and to love you for who you are.

If you are ready to take action to transform your life, I would be honoured to stand beside you.


Location: New Zealand

* This FREE Discovery Call is not to become a coach, but to determine if you’d like to start your weight loss journey with you coach and hear about the next steps.

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