Maxine Testimonials

“I have tried every fad diet going, none have stuck because they only focus on food, my issue has never been just food, its more about my Mindset.

I am currently going through unexplained fertility issues, I made a choice in January, that I would give TKS a try, I honestly did not hold out much hope and also asked my doctor to refer me for bariatric surgery, as I was getting desperate, my fertility doctor would not do any treatment as my BMI was too high. Fast forward 8 weeks, I have lost 1.5 stone, but that’s the least I have achieved. I no longer have to put my body through surgery, My clothes fit much better, and most importantly I have energy, I am also now allowed fertility treatments.

I suffer with chronic pain and this has helped give me so much back. A true asset has been Maxine, when my weight loss stalled, she was there to give me encouragement, to remind me that I have to trust the process. She advised me to stop having dairy and this has helped wonders. She is very knowledgeable and shares this with you.

She has been so kind to me, and I feel like we achieved this together. Don’t give up hope, you can do this, especially with the wonderful support from Maxine.

Thank you Maxine.”



“I was really struggling to get back on plan and was constantly battling with my mindset. I reached out to the local TKS pod on how to get mindset support and someone put me in contact with Maxine.

Maxine gave me just the right amount of encouragement to jump in to an 8 week round with her coaching support. I have just reached my 8 weeks, I am not far from my goal weight but the most important challenge for me was mindset and controlling myself from the sugar bingeing which made me feel so ill all the time. Having the guidance and accountability from Maxine made all the difference and has affected my mindset in so many more ways than just food and weight.

Thank you Maxine for your support and the positive mindset you have inspired to grow in me.”



“Since the first COVID-19 lock down I have been suffering from fatigue and brain fog and had put on a little bit of lockdown weight. Maxine recommended that I give TKS a go to see if this could help. As someone that was sitting at the top end of a “normal” BMI I wasn’t convinced that I would lose a lot of weight over the 8 weeks (or that I even needed to). However, I am thrilled to say that I have lost over a stone over the 8 weeks, am slap bang in the middle of the “normal” BMI for my height and am so much happier with how I look and fit in to my clothes. The fatigue and brain fog have also lifted and there has been the added bonus of curbing my terrible mood swings, something that I have suffered from for years. The process wasn’t easy, but Maxine guided me through with helpful tips, guidance and words of encouragement. The recommendations on ways to bulk out my meals in the detox stage so that I didn’t feel I was starving myself were particularly useful! The mindset work was really interesting, and it was so helpful to discuss the insights of this and then apply them to my approach to food and behaviour. Throughout the 8 weeks, Maxine’s knowledge of the diet plan and mindset work shone through and certainly helped me to achieve my weight loss goals. Thank you Maxne!”




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