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Metabolic Mindset Training (MMT), enables you to build a career in 12mths. Or choose from our single courses to fit with your lifestyle.

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A rewarding career supporting the physical and emotional transformation of women on their weight loss journey within our team of Coaches.

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The best dietary system that resolves lifelong weight struggles, helps reverse metabolic disease & achieves optimal health!


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A soul mission approach to business, building thriving abundance and freedom

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Becoming a registered Metabolic Mindset Coach (MMC) is an exciting career path that enables you to catapult your level of contribution to the highest level.  

Nearly 2 decades in the making, this company is the dream and vision of its founder, Deborah Murtagh who has dedicated her life to mind, body and spiritual transformation.  In her desire to build a phenomenal life in all areas, Deborah developed an ‘anti-fragile’ approach to life, moving forward from some extraordinary life challenges to create the life of her dreams.  Her mission now is simple; to help others do the same.

Deborah believes that by living without any regrets, learning the lessons and by being willing to do ‘the work’ on ourselves, that it is possible to ‘have it all’ if we are willing to put into life what we wish to receive from the world.  
Deborah has transformed the world of weight loss and the lives of tens of thousands, through her unique dedication to understanding how food and mindset affect us on all levels and now she is proud to bring to her a life-changing philosophy into an outstanding career opportunity!  

Years of
"I am so happy and grateful now that I have become a Metabolic Mindset Coach. It has been the most fulfilling and rewarding achievements, that has inspired me to grow, flourish, and find myself again. The course has been developed to provide all round knowledge in the areas required to support and understand your client on all levels. Deborah and her team excel in delivering the most informative material that is easily understood and absorbed. Being surrounded by like-minded women wanting to achieve the same goal to improve and help other women to become better versions of themselves is such an uplifting feeling! I am super proud to say "I am a Metabolic Mindset Coach"
Raewyn Mitchell
"Training as a Metabolic Mindset Coach has been an amazing transformational experience.  I initially joined as I had a love for coaching and a desire to live from my soul's purpose but what I have gained is so much more than I could ever have imagined.  MMA is the most soulful company, the coaches are all leaders in their field and come from a place of compassion, with a true desire for us all to have an abundant life.  The sisterhood is enlightening with everyone moving towards a common purpose, supporting each other without judgement and holding space for everyone to shine in their brilliance.  If you desire a phenomenal life through contribution you are in the right place. Thank you for this life changing opportunity."
Patsy Hobson
"Training as an MMT coach has been an amazing, emotional roller coaster of a ride for me.

With the support and encouragement of both the training team and my fellow trainee coaches from around the world I have learnt and grown way beyond my expectations. The training provides so much knowledge and insight that my passion for being a coach has grown immeasurably.

An exceptionally worthwhile experience. Thank you Deborah, Grace, Deb, Cate and Jen"
Maxine Marsh
"I waited a long time to find something that I really wanted to be part of and so when the opportunity came to be part of the Metabolic Mindset Academy, I didn’t hesitate. I knew it was what I’d been waiting for.

The whole experience of training to become a Coach has been better than I’d ever imagined. . . It has actually changed me as a person. I’m far more mindful and it’s made me grow and push myself, but it’s also made me stronger and more confident. . . And on top of all that, I’ve met some wonderful women that I now call friends!
Michelle Dean
"Training with MMA has been a journey of self-discovery, with every lesson & process allowing both growth and healing of my mind, body and soul, And all this within a  sanctuary of like-minded souls led by phenomenal women of great vision, knowledge, experience and grace.

I am ready to step fully into my power and live a passionate, purposeful life and empower others to do the same. I am grateful beyond measure."
Simone Braund

Take your pick from one of our highly trained health coaches! Metabolic Mindset Coaches are trained in mind-before-body weight loss under world renowned weight loss expert Deborah Murtagh. Specialising in a novel approach to health and wellbeing, that first and foremost focuses on a mindset switch to enable long-term sustainable weight loss. This combined with an evidenced-based nutritional programme, curated to release fat stores, balance hormones and heal the gut, results in healthy long-term weight loss. Your coach will guide and support you step-by-step through an 8 week programme and personalize this to you to ensure your success. Organise a free 30 minute call now to begin your weight loss journey!

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You can qualify as a MMA Certified Accountability Coach in just 6 months & begin your rewarding career!
Once graduated you can also continue to upskill and become a part of our faculty as you grow your Coaching business

Imagine making a career out of the very thing that changed your life!

Imagine having a purpose, a plan and a clear path to prosperity!

Imagine being surrounded by like-minded souls and part of a highly conscious community all on the same mission to change the way we eat, think, earn, live and love!

The three courses on offer provide you with varying levels of support. We have designed these to cater to different levels of need, weight loss goals and personality types. All the packages are there to compliment The Ketogenic Switch programme and ensure your success on this. Regardless of the package you choose, it will be facilitated by a Metabolic Mindset Coach of your choice. 

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