I have been doing TKS on and off for the past 18 months, I kept falling off the wagon but then hopping back on, I thought I was doing fine.

Having to be accountable to Ashley has really focussed my mind, she is supportive, informative, punctual in her getting back to me with my food diary comments friendly and professional at the same time. She does not judge, just gives excellent advice. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the chance to truly embrace and enjoy this tks journey, I’m now just two kilos from my goal weight.


Having Ashley as a coach has really helped keep me on track and enthusiastic with the TKS lifestyle. I really hit a low point last week and was ready to give up, we went through my food diaries in depth and some of the mind switch and I got back on track. I was slipping in areas I hadn’t realised, not eating enough of the weighed veg not having enough fat then having too much and eating too many of the same meals so I was bored.
Ashley encouraged me to reset, look at new recipes, try out new ideas and stick to the plan and do the mind switch. I feel so much better and almost 2 kilos down in a week.

Having Ashley as a coach is great, she understands without ‘telling me off’, she listens to you and really knows her stuff. She also gives great advice on where to get ingredients and vitamins.

It’s so much better to have a “Coach Ashley”. Unless you are really interested in TKS your girlfriends don’t understand the TKS lifestyle. It’s feels good to be encouraged and even better to get results.

Thank you Ashley


“Ashley, thank you for your unwavering support, encouragement, patience, knowledge and humour. I have gained so much insight into me. Who knew how much I was sabotaging myself? Clearly not me, well, not the old me.

I’m feeling really proud of myself and my achievements – wohoo 2 dress sizes down. I’m excited about my future relationship with food and with me, that’s a first.

Again thanks. x


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