About your Coach

My name is Simone Braund and I am an MMT weight-loss coach living in Melbourne, Australia.  My favourite thing in life is to work with women from around the globe, empowering them to rediscover themselves and their passion for life through a holistic approach to nutrition and mindset. If you wish to overcome your chronic health conditions, achieve permanent weight-loss, find a sense of balance and live your best life, you are in exactly the right place.

My journey began after twenty years of yo-yo dieting had left me feeling that I would never be able to obtain health and well-being. I was very overweight, physically exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed with chronic health conditions including insulin resistance/pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux, sinusitis, chronic colds/sore throats, peri-menopausal symptoms, iron deficiency, sleep apnoea, arthritis, fluid retention, irritable bowel syndrome and debilitating depression and anxiety. I knew I was slowly killing myself but had no idea of how to stop it.

And then I discovered The Ketogenic Switch (TKS) lifestyle based on cutting edge science in nutrition and mindset. I decided to try one more time to get my health under control and became an expert in what and when to eat, allowing my amazing body to heal itself.  I learnt how to recognise and process my emotions.  I developed the knowledge and strategies to heal my mind and body and transform my life into one of health and vitality having discovered radical self-love, released over 40kg and no longer on any medications.  I am living a life of purpose helping others to be slim, healthy and happy and live their best lives.

Just like myself, you already have what it takes!  Are you ready to Courageously Heal yourself through Optimal nutrition, Integrating mind, body & soul to Confidently Evolve into the best version of yourself? I’d be honoured to support you on your journey back to your true self and becoming lighter and brighter.  If you are ready to make the CHOICE to be whole and in control of your life, let’s do it together!

Location: Australia

* This FREE Discovery Call is not to become a coach, but to determine if you’d like to start your weight loss journey with you coach and hear about the next steps.

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