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Fast track your path to Master Coach with access to Deborah’s entire toolkit of MINDSET COACHING strategies!

24 Modules

Metabolic Mindset Academy (MMA) Psychology of Weight Loss:

Understanding psychology is essential to coaching anyone through a weight loss journey. Your client’s mindset will make or break their success.

During your training at the Metabolic Mindset Academy, you’ll discover how to expertly identify the  root of your client’s triggers, then confidently deliver tools to help them overcome obstacles.

Plus, get access to Deborah’s entire toolkit of coaching strategies so you can skillfully provide tailored support to each one of your clients. It’s chock full of visualization techniques, intention setting exercises, questionnaires, assessments, interventions, and other strategies to help you serve at your highest level and reach Master Coach status.

Plus, discover … 

  • The 7 Weight Loss Personalities
  • The 6 Master Switches
  • The Hierarchy Of Human Needs
  • Deb’s “Anchoring Technique”
  • And So Much More!

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