Marie Testimonials


“Before I meet Marie, I had completed the program and lost 2 stone. Once in maintenance I slowly but surely returned to old eating habits, although I did not gain much more weight, I still needed to lose another stone; I just couldn’t find the mind set to keep at it. I started, stopped, and failed to finish over and over again. That little voice in my head just kept saying to me: ‘what’s the point? You will never do it’.

When Marie popped up on chat asking for someone that needs help with some mindset work, I rushed in.

Marie helped me to accept myself for who I am, and helped me realise that in order for me to heal my body I have to heal my mind. She showed me that it all starts with self-love and forgiveness, something that at the time I really couldn’t see. I was so used to the little voice in my head outlining my flaws that I couldn’t see anything else.

Marie taught me how to work on the negative by pushing those thoughts aside and concentrating on the positive. She made me see what I was able to achieve once I believed in myself. Never once did I feel under pressure or judged by her, which for me was very important.

Together Marie and I were able to identify ways in which I could improve my overall way of thinking and the way I saw myself; In just 5 weeks I managed to lose that stone!

Marie is understanding, non-judgemental and uplifting she has all the traits of a great mentor and I am so glad I had that chance to work with her. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who has struggled in the similar way I have, because having the correct support really does go a long way.”

Shana Docherty

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