MMA Consumer Protection and Refund Policy – 7 July 2021

1. To ensure all students and potential students receive the training that they expect to receive inline with our full graduation programme.
2. To ensure all customers receive accurate information regarding fees, costs and payment plans associated with training and assessment activities prior to commencement of engagement.
3. To ensure standard and reasonable costs are charged for our programs.
4. To ensure students are aware of the refund policy.
5. To ensure contract requirements are adhered with for Coaches.
6. To provide details of our Consumer Protection Officer.
7. To ensure students are aware of our complaints Policy/Procedure.

Fees and Charges
All fees and charges will be made known to participants before enrolment and will vary depending on the course and mode of delivery. Prior to enrolment students will be supplied with a fee email that will detail the payment terms, including the timing and amount of fees to be paid. Fees include all administration and resource costs associated with the course.

In the event a third party has commited to paying the fees on the students behalf, then both the student and third party will receive the above details.
Student Payment Plans
Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan options are provided for all students up to a maximum of 12 mths and are discussed and finalised at the signup stage. The duration of the plans differ depending on the course selected. Details of the plan are then entered into the payment plan section within the enrolment form and sent to finance for processing and a copy is provided to the student and party responsible for payment.

Amount of Fee’s
Fees charged will only be taken from our service/course/module price list, of which depends on what course, service or program you have selected.

Individuals Fee Protection
MMA will make adequate provision to safeguard students’ fees by not accepting payments for a deposit of more than $1000 from each individual student prior to the commencement of the course. Following course commencement and training engagement, where payment of additional fees is required in advance for any student, MMA will ensure at any given time that the amount does not exceed USD$1,500.
Once the student has commenced training in their chosen qualification or course MMA will make available training resources and a Trainer / Coach to allow the student the opportunity to complete the course as per the supplied training schedule.

Refund Policy
Withdrawal without penalty (not including processing fee)
If the student withdraws from training prior to the initial commencement of the training, MMA will refund any fees paid if a minimum of 24hrs notice is given, with a US$50 non refundable processing fee deducted.

Withdrawal after commencement without penalty (not including processing fee)
Training has commenced when engagement with the trainer occurs and/or resources have been provided. If the student withdraws from training after the commencement, notification in writing is required. Any future payments will be cancelled and a partial refund may occur in the following circumstances:

  • The student formally advises MMA, before classes commence and with no attendance or participation in training, that they are withdrawing from the course, with a non-refundable US$50 processing fee deducted.
  • The student has made a full payment and withdraws throughout the course- refund to be prorata of the training that has been delivered, and with a non refundable US$50 processing fee deducted.

The General Manager feels that it would unreasonably disadvantage the student if a refund were not granted, and may waive the non-refundable processing fee of US$50.

Cancellation Policy
MMA Training may cancel or reschedule a course if there are not sufficient students enrolled. A full refund will be given in these circumstances.
If a student wishes to cancel from a course it is the responsibility of the student or person responsible for payment to notify MMA of the cancellation within at least two (2) days prior to the course commencement in order to be eligible for a full refund. If notice is not given then the full fee may be charged.
All refunds must be approved by the Training Manager and where possible the student should be offered an alternative course and delivery method prior to the refund being granted.

Deferring Students
You can defer your study in the course for up to 6 months during the duration of the course. If you return to your studies within 6 months, your student fee will not change. This offer only relates to the course you received a deferral for and cannot be transferred. Students that do not commence within 6 months will have their enrolment discontinued.

Non Payment of Fees
Non-payment of fees may result in cancellation of the enrolment or non-issuance of a qualification certificate. This is at the discretion of the General Manager.

Replacement of Certificate
If you require a Certificate to be re-issued an administration fee will apply. Replacement Certificates can be requested at a cost of $50.00 each. A minimum of three days’ notice required.

Booking, Cancellation & Refunds for Short Training courses booked via MMA website

  • Short course training must be paid at the time of registration when booking on-line.
  • MMA will accept the following payment options: Visa or MasterCard.
  • All payments submitted through the MMA website are processed by STRIPE. MMA does not store or retain any credit card data.
  • A tax invoice (receipt) will be issued for completed purchases. Any dispute regarding the invoice must be notified to MMA within two (2) business days of receipt of invoice.
  • MMA must be given 24hrs notice before the commencement of training if an applicant is unable to attend training if they have booked and paid on-line.
  • MMA will refund any fees paid if a minimum of 24hrs notice is given.
  • No refund will be provided if MMA is not given 24hrs notice of cancellation prior to the commencement of the course.

In the event a customer is unhappy with the service provided by MMA they are able to access any of the following complaint options:

  1. Lodge a formal complaint by emailing
  2. Contact our Consumer Protection Officer directly
    MMA Consumer Protection Officer
    Operations Manager Training
    P: 64 21 360 891
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